Sports Conditioning and Training

At Schuster Physical Therapy, we are dedicated to helping athletes of all levels reach their optimum level of physical performance. Whether you are a high-school soccer or basketball player, a Little Leaguer who is quickly picking up batting techniques, or a weekend warrior, our physical therapists can help with improving technique, healing current injuries, and preventing additional injuries from occurring in the future. To learn more about our sports performance services, contact our physical therapy office in Jefferson, NC today!


Each patient program is unique, taking into account your age, level of physical activity, and continuing physical and mental development.

Our sport-specific services prioritize important aspects of athletic training, such as:

  • Athletic development
  • Strength improvement
  • Power improvement
  • Speed and body awareness

The goal of these programs is to create an environment where athletes can enhance their skills and techniques, in order to ensure a safe and successful sports season. Our highly trained physical therapists in Jefferson, NC will assist you with improvements in strength, stability, and body awareness, in addition to working on jumping, landing, and cutting techniques. Perhaps most importantly, the techniques you learn will significantly reduce the injury risk of ACL injuries, non-contact injuries, and overuse injuries, such as shin splints or stress fractures.


If you are interested in our sports performance services, contact Schuster Physical Therapy today. After an initial evaluation, one of our physical therapists will design a unique plan for you, encompassing speed, agility, footwork, strength, and injury prevention. Request an appointment today and let us help you achieve your full athletic potential!