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Join us LIVE on the air every other Friday with our partner WKSK 93.5 FM for our new radio program, Wake Up And Move With Schuster Physical Therapy!

On this show we will be discussing different health topics, the benefits of physical therapy and how Schuster Physical Therapy can help you live and move better!

On this episode of Wake Up and Move, Our therapist Tracy-Lynn and Nick discuss the background of Schuster Physical Therapy and how physical therapy can help your body become healthy and happy! Nick talks about his journey on becoming a board certified clinical specialist in orthopedics, showcasing his leadership in the clinic and the community. Listen to our debut episode to learn more about Schuster Physical Therapy and how we can help you on your journey!
This week’s episode of Wake Up and Move, our therapist Dr. Nick Cameron goes into the details about chronic pain, what it’s origins are, and how physical therapy can help. Chronic pain is different in many areas and can impact individual in a variety of different ways. If you’re struggling with chronic pain and want to learn more on how to alleviate it, listen now!
On our third installment, our office staffers Anna and Sara discuss the quality of life service we provide at Schuster Physical Therapy. Anna, our Patient Care Coordinator, and Sara, our Office Manager, showcases the way we take care of our patients in their journey with us at Schuster Physical Therapy. We understand that sometimes insurance, types of care, and workers compensation can be a long and confusing process, and Anna and Sara are here to help. Tune if to learn more about the patient journey!
In this special podcast episode, Tracy Lynn and Greg discuss the past of Schuster Physical Therapy and the purpose of the practice. Learn about Schusters origin and its background in providing the best possible care in Ashe County
In this episode of Wake Up And Move, Dr. Emily Wilson discusses parkinson’s and how it can impact daily living. Learn more about the Power Moves program and how North Carolina is a direct access state and what that means for patients looking for physical therapy!

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